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  LOKASI :  Jakarta Selatan

  AKTIVITAS :  30/05/2022

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  • Valve


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30 / 06 / 2022
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1 Unit
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240 kali
Harga Mulai
Rp. 35.000.000
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Rp. 150.000.000
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"MASONEILAN" Control Valve (Camflex II)

Model : 35-35212

Body Material: Cast Steel/Stainless Steel

Wafer Class ANSI 150#

Flangeless Segment ball type

Spring return rolling diaphragm type pneumatic actuator

Metal to metal seat

c/w Electropneumatic positioner SVi 1000

Actuator parallel to pipeline

Characteristic Linear/Equal % control

c/w Manual hand wheel

For well over a century Masoneilan has been synonymous with innovation, leading technology and responsiveness to market needs.

With its breadth of products and services, unequaled global presence and advanced process control expertise, Masoneilan is uniquely positioned to be the leading provider of control valve solutions. In solving today’s challenges and looking forward to those of tomorrow, Masoneilan draws upon the dedication and entrepreneurial spirit of its people, leveraging its past to remain the supplier of choice for engineered control valve solutions.

The Masoneilan 41005 Series heavy duty control valve features balanced trim configurations. This product line offers efficient and stable operation under demanding process conditions, including applications with high-pressure drops and large temperature variations. Optional features include noise attenuation trim, anti-cavitation designs, and various balance seal options to meet a wide range of pressure and temperature requirements.

    • Balanced trim design allows the use of smaller actuators to reduce overall assembly size and weight
    • Heavy cage-guided construction offers dynamic support and trim alignment for resistance against flow-induced vibration throughout the entire valve stroke range. Heavy guiding of the plug enhances throttling control performance resulting in high process yields
    • Low soft-goods parts count for improved valve reliability and reduced maintenance costs
    • Reliable performance with standard solutions to control noise, cavitation, and valve leakage improving plant operating efficiency.

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